About Me

Alan Casteel here and this is my blog about Photography, Children, Life & Marriage. I know a lot about 2 of them and am average with 2 – I’ll let you work out which is which! Seriously though, I’ve been happily married to my ever-patient wife Pam for 18 years and have a sharp-as-a-tack son, Michael, who’s now in middle school.

We live in Vero Beach, Fl which is about halfway between Daytona Beach and Miami. Which is kind of ironic because if you saw me you probably try and push me back into the water! Pam loves it here though and her family is nearby. I wise man once told me “happy wife, happy life” and I can’t argue with that. If it means I have to run the air-conditioning most of the time, so be it.

For work I’m a software developer in the healthcare industry and I work remotely from home. It has its pros and cons, and some friends ask if it’s lonely, but my work colleagues are always on Skype anyway so it’s really not much different to working in an office. It beats a cube farm, that’s for sure.

Photography is a new thing for me. It started when I was informed (quite directly) that I need to get out and exercise more. I’m still really only learning the basics so don’t expect a lot!

That’s enough from me. If you want to reach out I can be contacted here.